The Men of Excellence Mentoring Program is designed to impact and empower men with the tools and resources necessary to help them to go to the next level in all areas of their life. This program focuses on three key areas, Spiritual, Financial, and Relational. 


Understanding and developing an intentional walk with God
Understanding the Biblical Role of the Man


Understanding how to effectively save, manage and invest money
Understanding how to handle money God’s way


Understanding how you relate to yourself
(understanding HIS-STORY)
Understanding how to relate to others
Understanding how to be a Proverbs 31 Man


    1. The Importance of Having a Vision For Your Life
      1. How to write a vision for yourself
      2. How to write a vision for family
    2. How to develop an authentic relationship with God
      1. How to develop a regular time of devotion with God
      2. How to truly follow God versus following your instinct
    3. How to Manage Your Money
      1. How to develop a saving plan that works for any budget
      2. How to invest your money wisely
    4. Understanding Your Role As A Man
      1. How to Follow God and Lead Your Family
      2. How to Spiritually Cover Your Family

And Much More

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