darryl taliaferro

Darryl M. Taliaferro has extensive knowledge in Leadership and Organizational Development.


Darryl M. Taliaferro believes that an organization is only as healthy as its staff. Therefore, he will develop and customize an extensive training module to help your staff reach their full potential. Consequently, creating opportunities for strengths to be showcased and weakness to be minimized.


Leadership Training and Development is an extreme passion of Darryl M. Taliaferro. He believes that people can be trained and developed to be the best and brightest leaders to drive their organizations and companies to the next level.

Taliaferro has conducted numerous leadership training and workshops across the country and is currently working on his book entitled “Leadership Uncut” The Need for Authentic Leadership”


As the former Overseer of the Mount Zion College Ministry of Nashville TN, Taliaferro took the ministry from the embryonic stages to a membership of well over 3000 students, with ten colleges associated with the ministry.

No matter what size your congregation, Darryl M. Taliaferro can help you create and establish a ministry that will thrive.

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